What are those two prices on the product page?

First price is for the deposit and the second one is the full price of the statue (without shipment).

If you want to do a payment plan, you have to pay the deposit with that option and then we will do monthly bills with the remaining.

Which currency should I use to pay my orders?

If you don’t use USD or EUR as your home currency, I will advise you to take CHF for your payments.

CHF is the main currency of the website; we calculate everything based on this. So, if you pay with any other currency than USD or EUR, CHF will be the cheapest one for you.

Does the price on the product page include shipment?

No, the prices are only for the statues. We will put some estimations into the description of the product if we can.

You need to know that those are only estimations, so not the real price at the end (can be lower or higher).

If you need a price specific for your country, feel free to write us at : dreamofanimes@gmail.com and we will try to help you as much as we can

What are the different payment methods?

Deposit: You pay part of the price of the statue to reserve it and the remaining amount will be requested when the statue leaves production. You will have between 3 and 5 days to make the payment depending on the studios.


Deposit with invoice: You pay part of the price of the statue for the reservation and the remaining amount will be deducted by the number of months remaining until the end of production. There are always year quarters appearing on the product page, and we take the second month of the first quarter as a reference.

You will receive an invoice each month between the 15th and the 20th by email. By following the link there, you can make the payment.


Full payment: You pay the price of the statue in full and we will contact you for shipping costs in due course.


Shipping costs are not included in any of our prices for pre-order statues, as the dimensions of the boxes are never known until the end of production. We need these dimensions to be able to have the volumetric weight and give you the shipping price of your statue.

Can we do a payment plan with longer time than the release of the statue?

Yes, you can do that by contacting us. You need to know that we will ask you to pay for the storage 15.- for each box and each extra month.

Do you have different way of shipment?

Yes, we have different line of shipment.

You can take the basic postal service or express one. In addition to that, we provide Tax Free services for EU countries, USA and Canada.

Those services are at a higher price, feel free to contact us before the shipment is done to check out those prices.

From where do you ship the statues and are they checked for breakages before shipping?

The most of our products will be distributed from our warehouse in China.

Our products are 24 hours under supervision from our warehouse. The products will be checked clearly before shipment and packed carefully with high secure.

Your order will be processed properly and efficiently. We will keep you always updated, and you will get a tracking number from us when the parcel is on the way to you.

What will happen if I cancel my order?

For cancellation of any order, we retrieve the deposit and PayPal fees from the payment and refund back the remaining. 

Is there any kind of customer service if there is a problem?

Sure, we will do our best to help you, as much as you follow the terms and conditions.

Let us clarify what will be done in which case:


Any break or lost package: 

We will ask you to first file a claim to the transporter, as everything is shipped in a perfect state. Then, we will ask you for photos (we need photos of the box with the shipping label and of the broken statue in details. 


When we have received all of this, we will contact the studio and check for what they can purpose us for the problem. All shipping, tax and duties costs are on the customer. We will take care of any payment for the replacement or repair. 


Clean break:

Mostly the studios don’t help for these ones as they say that it can be glued. So, we will ask our customer to repair it themselves by gluing with strong glue.